by Adriana Müller

A methodology with very Brazilian 'swing'. Based on the musical instrument, it helps the person to construct a narrative of his own life in terms of music, melody, stage, audience, sound vibration and resonance.

At the time of sharing with others the stories aroused by the instrument, the group can check the skills present in the 'orchestra of life' that they form, besides understanding the difficulties which are there so that a group can manage to play in tune. The individual and collective responsibilities are highlighted, not in the pejorative sense of 'being responsible', but in the sense of 'being respons-able': the individual and collective ability to respond to the challenges that life imposes.

The methodology of the Rhythms of Life also allows working with the transformation of the symptom (the problem to be faced) in tune (to reconnect with what's important in life), and finally, being able to compose a symphony (the integration of the individual with the collective). This way, the group is able to produce its own music: a harmonic way to share everything that was rescued, recognized and valued.

May the songs of the Rhythms of Life lull the lives of many and put in harmony everything that is still tuneless.

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